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FlowCaster provides a complete set of tools for secure, real time, collaborative content review

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          desktop and mobile Workflows

Need to finish that edit session in a hurry but the team is all over the country? Do your creative people work better when they're not all crowded into a screening room? Open a session and invite them! Everybody can view the same content and use audio chat with webcam, add telestration, text comments, and emoji simultaneously. All participants can play/pause/cue, and react at any time to the content. Quickly create deliverables, brainstorm creative decisions, and collect input for review and approval workflows.

Live Edit Review

Use for real time group review of edit sessions anywhere in the world, with no render or upload required! Share audio/video/captions/time code from the editor's output in real time, where you and your team can talk, webcam, comment, and add drawings, to import as markers back into Premiere, Media Composer, Resolve and many others.

Live Event Review

Capture SDI or IP signals simultaneously as high quality MXF files and as time code matched proxy MP4s. The creative team can use the proxies in real time, while still recording, to log and mark up the stream. The proxy markers, comments, etc. simultaneously show up in a panel in Premiere, or in Avid Interplay, where the editor can use the MXF to edit clips for broadcast and delivery.

Synchronous Collaborative Review

Select a proxy file/timeline and invite participants join a session. Participants with access to the media can play, pause, and seek the media, and commands will be duplicated to everyone in the session's players, so that they all remain in sync for everyone. Everyone can comment, add notes, emoji, and drawings collaboratively, and send to the editor for later implementation. This way, the team can collaborate on project decisions without tying up an editor to drive the session.

Asynchronous Collaborative Review

Any stakeholder can load a file session into and add time code matched comments, emoji, and drawings, and then save the session. Then the next stakeholder can load the session and do the same. When everyone has had their say, the session can be loaded directly into an Adobe or Avid editor, to implement the changes discussed in the session.

FlowCaster Tool Set

Your membership includes use of all the FlowCaster tools, including the standalone app and the Adobe Extension Panel. They are also available separately for purchase for other 3rd monitor, over the shoulder and IP Video distribution workflows. For enterprise level workflows, optional integration with videoQC and Net-X-Code Server provide a complete quality control and transcoding solution.


Check The Features

Support for emerging capture and display formats:

  • HDR High-dynamic-range television (HDR or HDR-TV)
  • HLG Hybrid log–gamma (HLG) transfer function
  • WCG Wide Color Gamut

We support standard broadcast sizes, including:
Standard Broadcast Sizes

  • 720p - 23 / 24 / 25 / 29 / 30 / 50 / 59 / 60
  • 1080i - 23 / 24 / 25 / 29 / 30
  • 1080psf - 23 / 24 / 25 / 29 / 30
  • 1080p - 23 / 24 / 25 / 29 / 30 / 50 / 59 / 60
  • 2K Digital Cinema (2048 x 1080) - 23 / 24 / 25
  • 2K Film (2048 x 1556) - 14 / 15 / 23 / 24
  • UltraHD/UHD (3840 x 2160) - 23 / 24 / 29 / 30 / 50 / 59 / 60
  • 4K (4096 x 2160) - 23 / 24 / 29 / 30 / 50 / 59 / 60
  • SUHD (7680 x 4320) - 23 / 24 / 29 / 30 / 50 / 60
  • 8K (8192 x 4320) - 23 / 24 / 29 / 30 / 50 / 60

Send and receive up to 32 channels of 16, 24 or 32 bit audio.

32 channels of audio

Supports creative software including:
Creative Software

  • Adobe - Premiere, After Effects
  • Avid - Media Composer, NewsCutter
  • Assimilate - SCRATCH family
  • Blackmagic - DaVinci Resolve
  • OpenFX - Windows, macOS and Linux
  • Desktop - Any full screen

IP Streaming formats

  • FlowCaster supports a wide variety of IP streaming formats, including:
  • SRT - (Secure Reliable Transport)
  • NDI - (Network Device Interface)
  • UDP - (User Datagram Protocol)
  • RTP - (Real Time Transport)
  • RTMP - (Real-Time Messaging Protocol)
  • NDI - (Network Device Interface)
  • CDI - (Amazon Uncompressed)
  • WebRTC - (Web Real-Time Communication)
  • WHIP - (WebRTC-HTTP ingestion protocol)
  • RIST - (Reliable Internet Stream Transport)
  • SMPTE-2110 - Uncompressed audio/video/ancillary

Optional SDI/HDMI Support for HDMI/SDI with (optional) AJA, Bluefish444, Matrox, Blackmagic or USB capture device.

Share your web based assets Have media stored in the cloud? Share it with your team via Amazon S3, Google Web Services, and others supported.

We make sure your content is safe was designed with security in mind. Your data never leaves your server if you don't want it to.
Apply 128 or 256 bit encryption, impose a user name/password, add a watermark, and burn in time code to the video to further limit risk of unauthorized access.

Typically less than 5 frames delay View content anywhere in the world, at typically less than five frames latency. uses the latest WebRTC technology (or SRT/RIST/UDP/RTP/RTMP/CDI/NDI/2110) which provides latency of a few frames on the same continent and less than a half second worldwide.

See Drastic right in your Adobe software provides an extension panel you can view within Premiere and other supported Adobe software.
Save, load, and clear markers from FlowCaster sessions, and view a live preview of what FlowCaster is sending.

Drawings and Chat Comments Comments, emoji, and telestration made as content is reviewed can be loaded into an editor and be displayed at the time code location where it was made, to streamline the editing process.

Wide variety of monitoring applications FlowCaster includes and supports a wide variety of monitoring applications. FlowCaster signals can be received by a variety of free software, like VLC, and Drastic's FlowCaster Apps for IOS, Apple TV and Android. For high-quality, multi-platform, videoQC supports playing more formats for Windows, macOS and Linux. There are also a number of hardware decoders available from AJA, Haivision and others.

Software Modules

Compatible Hardware

Mobile/TV Apps

Workflow Possibilities

Your Valuable Content Never Resides On Someone Else's Server. was designed with security as the top priority. All data is delivered in encrypted form, and your files never need to be rendered and uploaded, to a server you have no control over.

  • 128 and 256 bit encryption is supported.
  • While FlowCaster uses desktop sharing for control of the software, the audio/video signal is transported separately, using low latency/high quality compression and matching frame rate to your project.
  • Any target may be watermarked with an alpha blended PNG image.
  • Optionally time code may be burned into the stream.

Keep your assets as private, or as public, as you require. Files can be on an internal network with in-house security, or in cloud storage, or even hosted on sites like YouTube.

Bring the Team Together, by Keeping Them Apart

Remember when creative teams used to all get together in the same room and discuss a project verbally? So do we, but things have changed.

The screening room is now your living room. Or a local cafe, or library. View your project wherever you are comfortable, in a setting that helps drive the creative process.

A variety of free and low cost apps are available for monitoring FlowCaster feeds, including videoQC, VLC player, OBS software, FlowCaster apps for Apple iPad/iPhone/Apple TV/Android, and the Haivision Pro Player, as well as sites like Twitch, YouTube, and Wowza.

FlowCaster provides a direct plugin for Premiere, Media Composer, Resolve and many others

Now you can share a session with remote users at a quality similar to that of a hardware output to an independent monitor.

  • HDR/HLG/WCG, any video resolution
  • Up to 32 channels of high quality audio
  • ancillary data including closed captions, active format description and v-chip information

Signals from your creative software (Adobe/Avid/Assimilate/DaVinci/etc.) or from baseband feeds (SDI, HDMI, NDI, IP) can be sent directly to the cloud and captured to MXF, MOV, AVI, MP4 or others by the FlowCaster Server.

Signals can also be sent from the cloud, from Adobe/Avid/DaVinci/FlowCaster Server to be played locally as SDI or HDMI using a supported A/V device (AJA, Bluefish444, Blackmagic, Matrox).

Save Time and Money, and Be More Productive with

Access to your team and creative assets are a point and a click away. Enhanced feedback and input tools like text, emoji, drawings, and webcam make sure everyone's input is retained.

Internet based review and approval workflows reduce unnecessary travel, and allow for stakeholders all over the world to collaborate on a project viewing high quality, frame accurate streams on a device they are familiar with.

  • IP to IP, baseband (SDI/HDMI) to IP, and IP to baseband transcoding
  • Read and write directly from cloud object storage, such as Google Cloud or Amazon S3
  • NDI, HDMI/SDI, SMPTE 2010, UDP/RTP, RTMP, WebRTC, WHIP, SRT, RIST, and CDI support.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to get started?

    You can get started for free, right now, by signing up. That will let you have shared conversation and join a session to collaborate. If you upgrade to a membership, then you get free use of the FlowCaster software (Application and all plugins), the Adobe FlowCaster Live Review panel and the site for collaborative review. You may also want to use software like Premiere, Media Composer, Resolve, Net-X-Code or videoQC for some workflows.

  • You know because we never have it. All video is sent, end to end encrypted, directly to and from each browser and plugin. You don't need to make or upload special proxy iles to any site, but even if you do, everything can be kept within your corporate VPN.

  • uses the latest WebRTC technology (or SRT/RIST/UDP/RTP/RTMP/CDI/NDI/2110) which provides latency of a few frames on the same continent and less than a half second worldwide. For lower worldwide latency or extremely large groups, services like Millicast/Dolby are also supported.

  • FlowCaster live is unique in that it provides time code accurate, real time feedback to and from the editor as the group works. It also supports all other content review modes; Live Event Review, Synchronous Collaborative Review, and Indvidual Collaborative Review of the rendered timeline. Here is a link to a chart that compares the features of FlowCaster to the following:, ftrack, Moxion, Evercast, Ziflow, Wipster, FileStage, TechEx and Streambox:
    FlowCaster comparison with other review systems

  • FlowCaster compatible software can be broken down into two types:
    Direct Plugin: Adobe (Premiere/After Effects/Character Creator/etc), Avid (Media Composer/NewsCutter), Assimilate (SCRATCH), OpenFX (Nucoda/Resolve/Flame/etc.), videoQC, Net-X-Code
    SDI/HDMI: Any software with an SDI or HDMI out can use the included FlowCaster application to send audio/video/time code/captions to

  • Yes, absolutely. In addition to WebRTC on, the FlowCaster application and plugins also support a wide variety of IP Video standards:

    • SRT - Encrypted Caller/Listener/Rendezvous
    • RTP - Basic safe video transport
    • UDP - Direct or Multicast UDP transmission
    • RTMP - Live streaming to YouTube/FaceBook/Twitch
    • NDI - NewTek direct network streaming
    • CDI - Amazon uncompressed audio/video cloud
    • WebRTC - Direct or via
    • WHIP - WebRTC to Millicast/Dolby
    • RIST - Low latency, recoverable transport
    • SMPTE-2110 - Uncompressed audio/video/ancillary


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